Sarah H. Kramer, Ph.D. - Licensed Psychologist
About this Practice


I have accepted an offer from Dr. Adam Butera, a respected local psychiatrist, to join his practice. My first day of work there was November 4, 2013.

Current clients who wish to continue therapy are encouraged to contact Dr. Butera's receptionists at the number below. My personal e-mail address will remain the same:

Dr. Butera's office is located at 1714 Tenth St., between Brook Ave. and Baylor Street. It is a gray/tan building with bright blue awnings. A handicap entrance is on the left side as you face the building (west).

Dr. Butera's telephone number is:  940/766-4482
     Hours are Monday - Thursday 8 am-6pm
                    Friday 8 am-2 pm

Most insurances are accepted at his office including Medicare and Medicaid. Please contact the office if you have any questions about your insurance coverage.

Contact Information for billing prior to November 4 only:
Please call Dr. Butera's office (940-766-4482) and leave a message for me, or e-mail me at:

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